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Children: Healthy School Ambassadors

Healthy School Ambassadors: 2019-202
The Healthly School Ambassadors are a group of children whose focus in school is to ensure the health and wellbeing of the children attending Holy Family School.
Welcome to Holy Family Catholic Primary and Nursery School
The Healthy School Ambassadors role involves:
  • Helping organise and promote healthy living by supporting events such as walk to school week.
  • To promote healthy eating throughout the school and encourage fitness and exercise, by conducting surveys, such as, travel, healthy lunchbox and walk to school Wednesday.
  • Promoting road safety and smarter travel messages within school - notice board, assemblies, website pages etc
  • Help support and organise special events and competitions, such as, Anti-bullying week.
  • Represent their school at wider events, such as school travel conferences.
Mode Shift Stars
As a school community, we feel it is important to work together to promote sustainable and safer travel to and from school and when we are out and about generally.
Mrs Larcombe is our PSHE Coordinator and her team of Healthy School Ambassadors have been appointed to support School in achieving this.
All staff work closely with the children through our curriculum, additional activities and whole school events to promote safe and sustainable travel.
One of the roles of our Healthy School Ambassador's is to help ensure all pupils travel to and from school safely promoting and enforcing road safety. These Children are committed to promoting a healthy and safe lifestyle and assist in presenting assemblies, competitions, data collections and travel surveys.
In 2018 Holy Family received the Mode Shift Stars Silver Award and as a school we are now working towards our Gold  Travel Award. Please support school and your children by being more active in your mode of travel to school.
If you live too far to walk, why don't you partner with another car user and car share, using a more sustainable mode of transport. You could also park in the church carpark and walk to school.
If you are looking for more information or activities to promote road safety, this is a useful website:Direct.Gov.UK - Education

Also, don't forget to use the 5 minute Walk Zone.
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